Are we asking the right questions?

What will we become?

Who moved my communion bread?

Those of us who’ve been in church for a minute are looking around and wondering where the church we used to know has gone? All the old ways, that worked really well, are now insufficient to minister among today’s generations. Church the way our grandparents did it won’t be enough in the 21st century. This is not about eliminating and replacing, but about innovating and complementing the old ways with new forms – new wineskins for the new generations of wine that the Holy Spirit is producing in this generation.

Start with questions…

We enter into and move through this experience with generous questions – for ourselves, one another, our community, our context, and ultimately our understanding of God. Even if we are super committed to particular ways of doing things, particular beliefs and values, we still want to be asking – “What do you see that I am missing? What knowledge of God’s work in the world do you carry in your body, in your heart? How might we journey together to discover what God is up to now and next?”

Upside down and inside out

Because the world has changed, and we often failed to pay attention, everything feels upside down. Now, we need to begin to re-turn the church inside out, so those on outside, on the margins, become centered to the conversation, as Jesus always did.

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